About Me

Latino entrepreneur. Lifting up people every day. Currently building Healthcare + AI

Ex-IBM, Microsoft; AIDS nonprofits; music industry. Started or worked in multiple startups. I love entrepreneurs and their DNA, how they create vibrant environments to grow better industries, economies, society.

I lead from the CTO / CPO role; going from back of napkin ideation, to team/org development, to product launch. Currently experimenting in healthcare, education, blockchain economics.

I've delivered projects in the USA, UK, China, Japan, Germany, France, and India. Managed small and mid-size teams; mix of direct reports, vendors, interns, dotted line. I've built great teams and culture - at times recruiting and bringing together exceptionally rare talent - to make significant gains in how technology can improve our lives.

My mission is to expand the innovator pool; to create value at scale by helping people, groups, and communities realize their max potential.

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Seattle, WA

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