2021 - Unknown

Angel Investor

Last Myle, LLC

I'm funding early stage teams solving problems with healthcare + AI. Also advising teams on product, talent, partner strategy. Setup lab or workshop time with the contact form.

2020 - 2022

Board of Trustees

Rainier Scholars

Thrilled and honored to have been on the Rainier Scholars board. This was 100% in alignment with my personal mission to lift up students of color; to help them grow into leaders through academic enrichment and mentoring.

2018 - Present


Learning Economy

Officially announced at the United Nations, Learning Economy provides a new blockchain protocol for a skills based economy. Thrilled to be collaborating with world leaders to advance self sovereignty for learners.

2016 - Present

Chief Technology Officer


Dream job to be a leader at this care economy startup. Carina is a matching platform disrupting how home and child care is provided in America. We're strengthening communities by respecting and supporting workers, families and people who need care.

2016 - Present

Guest Faculty

University of Washington iSchool

The iSchool is now a top five school for information scientists. It's an honor to be teaching in the INFO Capstone program; which prepares students for the next stage of their informatics careers.

2014 - 2016


Upstream Ventures

We launched products in government, healthcare, and cryptocurrency at this early stage startup incubator. Invented a novel approach to equtiy distribution via digital wallet. Also launched an internship program with local school districts to mentor early stage founders.

2013 - 2018

Board Member


Honored to have served on this housing and arts equity nonprofit. Aligned with my mission to support local, community based development.

2007 - 2013

Lead PM

Microsoft Research

My team created and managed the web publishing platform for all MSR assets. Also PM'd a special project for BillG; for the Richard Feynman Lecture Series. Also PM'd research on neighborhood security systems. Early experiments in [what became] Azure hosting.

2000 - 2007



My team built, managed the web publishing platform for microsoft.com. Also PM'd the first web parts system for Sharepoint, and personalization system for MSN.

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